Apple Mela Lalbagh

Indo-China Apple Mela at Lalbagh

Apple Mela Bengaluru
Apple Mela Bengaluru

At Lalbagh, the Hopcoms in partnership with the Department of Horticulture and India-China Economic and Cultural Council has organized an Apple Exhibition and Sales Mela.  I presume it is a five days exhibition cum sale which will end tomorrow (Sunday). It was reported in the newspaper that imported apples (grown in China and other parts of the world) would be sold here with discounts.

Apple Mela Lalbagh
Apple Mela Lalbagh

Today the entry fee for Lalbagh was Rs. 20 per adult, Rs. 20 for the scooter and Rs. 50 for the camera. If I had hidden the camera in my scooter, I would have saved Rs. 50! There was nobody to question if I had paid to get the camera in. Moreover, I strongly feel that the camera fees were pretty expensive.

Lalbagh Apple Mela First Sight

Apple on Sale
Apple on Sale

Being a Saturday, I thought the Lalbagh will be crowded. But it seemed to be a disastrous weekend. The stalls (selling apples) looked like another market inside the Lalbagh. Many stalls were empty there. The only advantage a visitor could have is to get a glimpse of varieties of apples from across the world (of course varieties of apples from China)

Golden Delicisous Apple
Golden Delicisous Apple

The apples lovers would actually benefit by this mela. They not only get a chance to see several varieties of apples but also can buy it and taste it. However, many displayed apples were not for sale.

I saw a family buying two apples each in all varieties. The salesman was explaining them how juicy the apple was. However, no Chinese were in the apple stall during my visit there.

Usually the weekends are crowded in Lalbagh. But the garden didn’t see many visitors this Saturday. Blame the hot summer which is crossing more than 35 degrees in Bengaluru.

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